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1stmacleod's Journal

Connor MacLeod
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In 1518 Connor MacLeod was born in Glennfinnan, on the shores of Loch Shiel. In 1536 he died. The next morning, he woke up again.
Driven out by his clan as a demon, Connor lived alone in the woods until he met a blacksmith and his daughter, Heather. He learned the trade, married Heather, and took over as blacksmith when her father died. In 1541 a man named Ramirez taught Connor about immortals and the rules of the Game, before being killed by the same immortal who had first killed Connor.
Heather and Connor picked up the pieces and went on, until Connor got word his mother was being burned as a witch because of him. In the chaos of the failed attempt to rescue her, the fire spread, and Connor killed the priest responsible, and his son, Jacob Kell.
The next morning, Jacob Kell awoke to immortality in the ashes of Glenfinnan.

Ignorant of this, Connor returned home to live as Heather's husband until her natural death, then left Scotland to learn more of the world. He returned only to find his first student, Duncan MacLeod. Over the next four centuries, Connor roamed the world. He claimed no family but Duncan, until 1944 when a little girl named Rachel won his heart, and became his daughter. In 1985, He found love with a woman named Brenda Wyatt, married her, and adopted a baby, John. A year later, Brenda was killed in a car accident.
After seven years of mourning, he fell in love again with a woman named Alexandra. Tragedy struck again, on an even grander scale. Rachel, John and Alexandra were all killed, separately, under strange circumstances.

Mentally shattered, Connor was hidden away and drugged into a ten-year long nightmare. Violence and death followed Connor again, and everyone in the Sanctuary where he was held was killed, except him. Connor was released into a waking nightmare, when he learned that Jacob Kell was immortal and out to kill everyone around him in revenge.
Reeling from guilt and shock, Connor tried to force Duncan to take his life. Horrified, Duncan knocked him out. Waking alone and ashamed, Connor went to face Jacob Kell. He did not expect to beat him, but the terror that Kell would go after Duncan next drove him to desperation. Connor beheaded Kell, took his quickening, and with it the other immortal's presence into his own mind and soul.

Over the next five years Connor drifted alone, slowly piecing his sanity back together, but afraid to even try to apologize to the last friend he had left in the world. All his belongings and wealth rest in the hands of Duncan MacLeod, who does not know where his old mentor is. Connor lives in an old junker of a car, moving aimlessly across America, hunting down bad immortals when he finds them and avoiding everyone else. He's just killing time, and doing penance. Somewhere deep in his mind, Jacob Kell keeps whispering that's exactly the way it should be.

((RP Journal for fun only, no profit being made etc. etc.))